Country : The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan约旦的进出口货代一条龙

2021年7月9日 in 货代报关
Chowdhury added that day by day the situation at Singapore, Colombo, and Port Klang is deteriorating thus uncertainty is being created when the export backlogs in Chittagong can be cleared.

He said the BGMEA will sit with junior shipping minister Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury on Tuesday (6 July) seeking government level intervention to resolve the crisis immediately.

“Otherwise, we will have to stop production because now we do not have enough space to keep goods as ICDs are overflowing. Trucks waiting for up to five days there to unload,” he commented and went on to point out, “That is also raising transportation costs and a shortage of trucks to carry import containers from the port is also being created.”

Meantime, with hefty handling of export and import containers ● 散杂货、拼箱仓库 (仓库地图) 现有国际标准的物流仓库1座,近3000平方米。
● 可为国内、外各大中型物流商及生产型企业提供出口货物的装箱、仓储、货物分拣、重新包装、丈量尺码、称重、条形码扫描、贴标签、
● 高素质的人员、稳定的团队、100万方以上的年处理能力以及新仓库的即将投入使用,可为客户提供进一步拓展业务的空间。
● 完善的网络系统使得各部门间实现了数据共享,提高了操作的效率和准确性,使客户充分享受一站式服务的优越性。海运清关专家 — 美加、欧洲、日本、澳洲双清DDP/DDU到门
我司具备专业从事美国、加拿大、欧洲、日本、澳洲、双清 到门DDU/DDP,有年度BOND和PVA授权,可提供多国DDU/DDP风险低、价格优、时速快、服务好的双清关 、派送、以及相关的一条龙服务。